Enterprise Transformation

SEIDCON, provides information assurance, network engineering services, business process assessment and reengineering, total cost of ownership evaluation, COOP, and operating systems support for the Enterprise transformation and consolidation of IT services.  This work supports Enterprise goals for  performance based service approach to manage Information Technology Services at the Enterprise level. Tasks include phase-in/out services, systems baselining, business case analysis, architecture development, solutions design, network engineering, systems analysis, transition and implementation planning, implementation, and post-implementation support.

SEIDCON evaluates Help Desk Services using data collection checklists derived from the TOA.  Pertinent data included staffing, end user volume, metric collection, work flow processes, and remote control software usage are collected, compiled, and then analyzed to develop cost-effective improvements for implementation. Surveys include a help desk supplement that reveals a snapshot of the help desk environment, to include the customer base, frequency of service, scope of responsibilities, and level of automation at each help desk location.  As part of any Enterprise effort SEIDCON provides: analysis of threat risks; development security management and implementation plans; analysis of user access control processes, system security, external and internal network interfaces, configuration management, remote system management processes; and hardware and software analysis for end users, servers, Storage Area Networks (SAN), network switches, bandwidth requirements, and COOP facilities. 

SEIDCON lays a solid foundation in engineering and security planning for the resulting consolidated systems and subsystems to provide improved and more cost effective IT solutions for our customers.  We also provide network engineering, analysis, systems assessment (using automated scan and manual data collection techniques), user training, and we perform systems migration for the roll out of technical solutions for users.