Help Desk

SEIDCON provides help desk services as an integral part of IT services management. Using the strengths of commercially available help desk trouble ticket monitoring and management systems, SEIDCON provides Tier 1, 2, and 3 assistance to users. By configuring templates for both work orders and trouble tickets, SEIDCON automates many of the repetitive tasks of a first-line customer support organization. These templates allow the end user, in many cases, to input and track their own tickets by using an internal web interface. This, in turn, will allow the Call Center analyst more time to assist other customers. We also tailor the on-line knowledge section of the help desk to allow customers the ability to resolve their own problems, if desired. This serves a double function. First, it frees up the analyst and, second, it provides valuable training to users by allowing them to solve problems that do not require the intervention of a system analyst or administrator. Using escalation procedures, SEIDCON often configures the system to automatically escalate problems that have not been acted on in a timely manner based on service-level agreements (SLA) for various customers and/or system priorities. These escalations can be based on time or system constraints and tailored for time of day, as well as day or week. 

SEIDCON’s help desk solution can provide total support for customers experiencing telephone or any other problems with Telecommunications as well as IT services. In the case of a telephone trouble item, the help desk will receive the trouble report from the customer in any one of several methods: telephone call, personal visit, email, fax, or web entry. A telephone trouble ticket will be opened and after assignment to the Telecommunications support provider, it will be tracked by the help desk until the problem is resolved.