Implementation and Testing

Implementation and Testing services provided by SEIDCON encompass everything required to get new systems, facilities and capabilities up and running for our clients.  From an engineering design SEIDCON conducts site surveys and develops detailed engineering package for our installation personnel to follow.  During installation work continuous Quality Control checks are accomplished by personnel at all levels.  Our workers are empowered to find better and more efficient ways to get the job done right the first time – which normally results in projects being completed ahead of schedule and under budget.  Our implementation work has included large data center, technology insertion, and network construction jobs.

Testing is incorporated from the beginning in a re-iterative process.  From individual components to large integrated systems, in depth test plans are developed and executed to ensure that what we implement works the way it was designed to.  Most often our customers are involved in our testing process which is particularly desirable when SEIDCON is not assigned to performance operation and maintenance services after implementation and testing is completed.