Systems Engineering and Integration

SEIDCON offers a spectrum of capabilities to develop or upgrade your information, or C4I systems, whether they are based on a top-down, bottom-up or life-cycle development approach. Additionally, we recognize the importance of meeting and exceeding our customer's expectations; therefore, SEIDCON promotes close customer coordination throughout the development process. This ensures that, on product delivery, we can positively answer two fundamental questions: Did we develop/deliver the right product, and, secondly, did we build the product right! Both of these questions have far-reaching implications and consequences. Too often have we in industry and government observed that a system under development/modification tends to take a life of its own - sometimes to the dismay of the originator. With our proven system engineering (SE) process and extensive use of computer aided system engineering (CASE) tools, we strategically place checks and balances to ensure development remains on course and in alignment with the original system concept. SEIDCONs capabilities in SE provide services in the following areas:

  • Problem Definition;
  • Systems Analysis and Studies;
  • Requirements Generation & Validation;
  • Investigative Modeling and Alternative Analyses;
  • System Design & Functional Decomposition;
  • Sensitivity, Reliability, Risk Analyses and Risk Management;
  • Interface Design & Management;
  • System Development;
  • Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) Integration;
  • Configuration Management & Program Management/Control;
  • System and Component Installations; and,
  • System Testing, IV&V and Performance Assessments.

Our officers present more than 200 combined years of systems experience with the DoD, other federal agencies, and major corporations such as TRW, General Dynamics, Ball Aerospace, and Siemens. It is our assertion that the most noteworthy of systems are based upon the exploitation of mathematics, statistics, operations research, economics and sound engineering practices. Within our SE planning process, shown below, the emphasis is placed on the orchestration of a proven technical progression, quality assurance and resource planning. Through the consideration of a system as a whole and the logical/physical functional components, our system engineers are able to provide an optimal system design, as well as guidance regarding the system's operation, maintenance, performance, and reliability.        



         Information and C4I systems design/development are SEIDCON specialities. SEIDCON has performed on a number of high-profile systems engineering projects, from missile systems through data warehousing and large information systems. Examples of such systems include the Single Stage to Orbit (SSTO) program, the Endo-/Exo-atmospheric Interceptor program, Theater High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) program, the PATRIOT & I-HAWK missile upgrade programs, the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) program, and the U.S. Navy's GCCS-M (formally JMCIS) system. We offer expertise in:

  • Real-Time Operating Systems;
  • C/C++ and JAVA Applications;
  • Control Systems;
  • Communications Systems;
  • Large and Distributed Information Systems;
  • Message Processing Systems; and,
  • Networked (LAN/WAN) Systems.

If you are interested in knowing more about how our Systems Engineering & Integration group can support your agency or company, either directly or as a teammate, please email our New Business Department or call us at (760) 510-9800. You may also wish to take a moment to review our on-line Capabilities Briefing.