SEIDCON develops comprehensives web-based and classroom training courses to satisfy the training requirements of our customers.  SEIDCON analyzes the requirements and develops methods that are best used and concepts that would capitalize on our customers’ available facilities and hardware and software systems.  Upon completion of a concept study, the SEIDCON Team develops an innovative training approach designed to fully address the training needs and time schedules of our customers.  Our training solutions run from routine to extremely complex training of individuals or organizations who are users, managers, and administrators of IT services and systems.

Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are selected and tasked to support training programs from beginning to completion. The SMEs work closely with our customers’ Technical Point of Contract (TPOC), SEIDCON Leadership, and key technical staff in order to clearly identify all training requirements necessary for the course modular definitions, as well as other technical requirements, such as hardware, software and firmware, and security hosting requirements for web-based major applications. Classroom training is enhanced by imaginative training aids and expert instructors who can present the training material, guide students through completion, and answer student questions as they arise.